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Welcome to The Dick Pace Adventures Website

Thank you for stopping by The Dick Pace Adventures Website.  I am told that I have to retire in March of 2016.   I would like to keep working but doing what??  Friends have suggested that I be a greeter at Walmart, or a starter at a Golf Course, or school bus driver!! I could go back to school but I just made it out of college so why torture myself again.  I still have six months to go and will figure it out but in the meantime why not get ready.


I have been lucky to have a great wife who is in the travel business and likes to travel to all sorts of exotic places. I was lucky to have been part of some of these adventures and have written a few travelogues. I had fun writing them. They are sometimes corny, not well written but do tell the story from a different angle than one would get from a travel book.  So, why not set up an Adventures of Dick Pace webpage that not only tells my stories but also those of good friends.  I encourage buddy’s to send their travel stories to me and I will post them.  I will add more as we continue to look for the next adventure.  So, feel free to come back as often as you like!


Hope you enjoy!



Dick Pace

Dick Pace Adventures Website